Dr. Connie Yu , a family medicine physician, educator and a business woman, grew up in San Francisco, California. Life in the Bay Area was not always easy. From a young age, Connie was exposed to a firsthand account of her mother sacrificing her entire life, despite all the hardships she was dealt, to give her children the best life she could.

 After graduating from UC DAVIS with a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Connie joined Americorp’s Teach For America, and obtained her master’s degree in secondary education at LMU, teaching 7th grade science in the city of Watts. Connie’s focus became steady and straight – She desired to help others who were at a disadvantage and shut-in, in under-resourced communities. After dedicating her time in helping her students in South Central Los Angeles, she wanted to help more people by becoming a family physician. She finished her family residency training at Harbor- UCLA, continuing in her mission of working with the medically underserved.

In 2005, she met Eugene Allen. They married in 2011, and she became the mother of his two sons, and a daughter. Currently, Connie is an advocate for special needs children and the parents who strive each day to protect their love ones.  She clearly understands that improving each child’s ability to communicate, interact, and thrive in the world, is the most important goal of any parent with a family member with a disability. Dr. Connie believes building a nationwide network, bringing parents and care providers together, is key for multiple support systems that are needed for the success of such a great task. Support systems can provide education not only from professionals, but also from parents with experiences and lessons to share – The Village Effect

Community understanding & community awareness is vital through the process of helping special need families.

Dr. Connie stands with the Medi-Cal 5-year plan. As a doctor, she believes the framework of The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is one of the most important to Californian’s who struggle each day, to take care of a love ones.  The DHCS intends to work with the administration, legislature, and other partners on these proposals. They recognize the importance in having a discussion on these issues and their prioritization within the state. 

Stand with Dr. Connie Yu Allen and her husband and partner Dr. Eugene Allen. Vote in November 2022. Dr. Eugene Allen for California Insurance Commissioner.

Derrick Dzurko

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