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About Saint Vinson Eugene Allen

About Saint Vinson Eugene Allen

Dr. Allen, 2021 World Humanitarian award winner, has been a pivotal community leader throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities.  Attaining achievements and partnerships with congressional leaders, city mayors and chamber of commerce from many surrounding cities for the last 20 years. He now provides leading-edge services at 7 Urgent Care locations throughout Southern California.  


In 2019, Compton’s City Council presented The Doctor with the City of Compton’s Recognition and Appreciation Award for Citywide Testing for Breast Cancer Awareness. In 2022 The city of Paramount California,the city of Compton California and The city of San Gabriel presented the doctor with the the Award for Outstanding Community Leader.


During the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Dr. Allen formed Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Corporation. Dr. Allen gained support from local vendors and volunteers to feed and test thousands who were effected by the covid pandemic. In Mid-September of 2020, an unveiling of a community statue of Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen was revealed on the 91 Artesia freeway to the general public. The statue represents “Standing together with the community”. Dr. Allen is very well known in southern California for the annual Christmas Turkey giveaways and Toy giveaways during the holiday season for any person who desires one.


Eugene Allen was born in Cleveland, Mississippi to Essie B. Allen.  His mother, Essie B. died when he was 9 months.  Dr. Allen never knew his father, who also passed early in his life.  He was brought up by his grandmother, Rosia H. Miller.  Born in 1900, Rosia was the granddaughter of slaves.  Rosia was 66 years old when she began her journey with Dr. Allen.  He recalls never seeing her cry.  Her teaching of being fearless has been his backbone.


He graduated from Eastside High School in the top 10% and went to Delta State University, where he received two college degrees, a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, and a Bachelors in Education. 


He then spent one year teaching Biology and Chemistry and coaching football at Clarksdale High School.  Dr. Allen completed the Advanced Respiratory Therapy Program at the University of South Alabama prior to entering medical school.

Looking out for your fellow man

During his time at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, he made history as the first black student president of an undergraduate organization in the 100 years of the school’s existence.  With his passion to lead by example, Dr. Allen went to local high schools and middle schools in Mississippi and West Virginia to encourage kids to be all they could be, while attending medical school. He continues to speak at local churches, health seminars and rehabilitation centers about leading a healthy and successful life.


Dr. Allen graduated from Medical School with honors, then trained in Emergency Medicine at Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles where he learned the skills of true emergencies and major trauma.  After residency, he worked throughout many of California’s busy emergency rooms and then began his vision of opening Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care in 2003.  Dr. Allen married Dr. Connie Yu,  they have three children, Vinson, Colin and Aliani.  The Allen Family partnership with the community has been proven time and time again.