Our Program

Our Foundation has in place a $50,000 budget for 2023 and we are seeking individuals who face daily challenges in caring for their special needs child or young adult.


The Colin Matthew Hand Up award can provide help during these uncertain times.

We strongly believe each one of us has the power to transform a life and change the future by helping others achieve success.

The Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation believes in lifting up and supporting the community.  To apply for this award, simply fill out the application below.


The award categories:

  • $500
  • $1000
  • $1500
  • $2000
  • $2500

Tell The Saint Vinson Eugene Allen foundation your unique story and why we should consider helping you at this time.

Colin Matthew Hand Up Award Gala

The Colin Matthew Allen Hand-Up Award Gala is on March 2, 2024 at the  Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles California time 6:00pm until 11:00pm.  

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen and his wife, Dr. Connie Yu Allen, foundation founders, named the program Hand-Up in honor of their autistic 9-year-old son.


Colin Matthew Allen an autistic 9 year old with a heart of gold, known to thousands of southern Californian’s for his kindness and giving back to the community.


Since the age of 3, Colin has participated with the Allen Family and Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care, with the Los Angeles Annual Turkey and Toy Giveaway. In February of 2022 Colin was introduced to the world for his hard work and generosity to under-served communities.


Many special needs children require extra attention, encouragement and confidence building. The Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation desires to advocate for your special needs family member during these challenging times.

Colin Matthew Allen Hand Up award