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Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation

We are a community endowed corporation that serves the residents of Los Angeles. We are committed to working with communities by providing any needed help. Our mission is to make the life of any person better.  This is accomplished through food, clothing, shelter and transportation. The goal is to reach any city in the United States that would like our support.  Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation has supported the California community for over 20yrs, with outreach programs which has been outstanding in lifting up the community.

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen celebrating with the winners of Car giveaways in 2021 and 2022.

celebrating the holidays with our community for 20 years

Charity Events & Car Giveaways

Dr. Allen, Dr. Yu, The Allen Kids and the Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care Family have been a solid support for Los Angeles and the surrounding communities throughout the year for more than 20 years!  Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation provides candy at Easter, Hamburgers In July, treats in October, Turkeys at Christmas and many more. 

Statue of Inspiration

Saint Vinson Eugene Foundation believe in building a future

The statue of inspiration had its debut in Los Angeles on February 5, 2022. Guinness World Records made it official, Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen holds the World Record of the tallest 3d printed sculpture of a human.  The statue of inspiration is a ground breaking piece of history for Angelino’s and visitors to Los Angeles.  The legacy 19ft tall statue is one of a kind and being cited as the world’s tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™

Official Record: February 5, 2022 – Location: “Cheriyv” 620 W. 13th St. Gardena, CA 90248

Community Leadership

Healthy Families

Supporting Education

Helping the Homeless

Taking Care of our community

Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Foundation has been working with community leaders, feeding those in need.  Dr. Eugene Allen is standing with Compton Mayor Aja Brown, city leaders in Los Angeles County and Rap Mogul superstar Master P.

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