Saint Vinson Eugene Allen

In celebration of the Guinness World Record Title Achieved by Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen on February 5, 2022, Saint Vinson Eugene Allen will be giving away CARS every 90 days!  Known for giving back to the community, Saint Gene has opened up his giving to any and everyone. By purchasing any items currently located on this page, you are automatically entered into the 90-day giveaway cycle.


The bigger the purchase, the more times you have to win. Dr. Allen does this anyway. Now winners can come from any state. The most purchases made will bring Saint Vinson Eugene Allen to your hometown for Gas Card Giveaways, Back to School giveaways and Turkey giveaways. Giving Back just became easier with the heart of the Largest 3-D printed statue of a human in the world!


These collectible items are the Saint Gene billboard replica’s of encouragement and positive thinking seen throughout Los Angeles. The purchase of any items seen in the gallery will automatically have you entered to win the vehicle of your choice. Each One Dollar Purchase equals one ticket towards the car you wish to win.


By purchasing items in our gallery, you support the thousands of people that we are able to help throughout the United States. All proceeds are used for future Thanksgiving events, Christmas events, Feeding the homeless, book bags, autism and many more. Thank you for supporting Saint Vinson Eugene Allen. We look forward to coming to your community with our help. The Community who purchase the most items automatically gets the events scheduled in their home town.

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Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Convertible, great for beach cruising – top up or sunroof mode.  Sporty and full of character. Great on gas mileage, Seats 4.  Great for daily use! 

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano, high-quality distinctive design, seats are exceptionally comfortable, spacious rear seating. Mid-size family car, seats 5, great for daily use.

The statue of Inspiration Mini Replica’s, stand 13 inches tall with an arm wingspan of 9.5 inches.  The mini replica statues are composed with the same 3D printed material. These are true historical item’s with a limited supply available for purchase.  Get yours today!





The statue of Inspiration Mini Color Collectible Figurine, Stands 6 inches tall with an arm wingspan of 4.5 Inches. These are true historical item’s with a limited supply available for purchase.  Get yours today!